Racing travel is a special service offered by Rallye Event. We offer a wide range of exclusive tours to motoring experiences worldwide. Racing travel offers unique opportunity to take you behind the scenes of professional racing or airplane aerobatics. You can meet the famous professionals such as Martin Prokop, Aleš Loprais and Martin Šonka.


Racing Travel will allow you to experience the atmosphere of World Rally Championship, Rally Dakar, MotoGP or Red Bull Air Race from completely different point of view than you know from TV and printed media. You will be in the immediate vicinity of the professional racing teams and their riders.


World Rally Championship offers an outstanding show, where the main role is played by WRC cars. You could enjoy it together with Junior World Champion in JWRC MartinProkop and his team. You will never forget this once in a lifetime experience! 


Aleš Loprais and his team is inviting you to experience the real Rally Dakar live - the race of off-road vehicles and motorcycles. The official name contains the word rally however Dakar is more of an endurance race where you can see specially modifyed off-roads then classic rally race cars. Most of the measured racing sections are situated in a very difficult terrain such as sand dunes, mud, grass plains and rocky sections. Come and experience this unforgettable adrenaline and adventure alongside the racers.


World Motorcycle Championship (MotoGP) is the most prestigious motorcycle race and also a lifetime experience for all motorcycle fans. Incredible riders and their machines that are absolutely unique because they are not produced in series. After visiting such event your head will be buzzing for some time.


Along with the above motorsport events we also offer Red Bull Air Race – international series of air races, where pilots must fly through a defined track in the fastest time possible. Races are generally held above the water in big cities or in other attractive locations. You can experience this kind of adrenalin together with Martin Šonka - a member of the Czech Republic national team in the unlimited aerobatic category and the military pilot of the L - 159 ALCA aircraft.

Will you take a ride with us on a wave of adrenaline?

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